The Institute of Behavioral Finance advances the study of the impact of psychology on investor decision-making and market fluctuations. Through its major publication, The Journal of Behavioral Finance, and sponsored conferences the Institute is at the forefront of new research in Behavioral Finance. The Institute's research areas include heuristic biases, formation of bubbles, and over-and-under-reaction. The objective of the Institute is to address important new issues in Behavioral Finance by involving interested practitioners and academics in many fields, including economics, finance, psychology, sociology, and neuro-economics. By incorporating the work of leaders in varied disciplines the Institute seeks to find better explanations for investor decision-making and market anomalies that have been noted but not explained for several generations.

The Journal of Behavioral Finance offers penetrating insights into the performance of today's financial markets and is an indispensable resource for academics and practitioners who want to utilize behavioral concepts to understand the "how, what, when and where" of investing.



Volume 13, Number 1, 2012 Titles

Estimating the Loss from the Disposition Effect: A Simulation Study
Amit Das – Qatar University

Investor Rationality and Financial Decisions
Gil Cohen – The Max Stern Academic College of Emek Yezreel
Andrey Kudryavtsev
University of Haifa

Mental Accounting and False Reference Points in Real Estate Investment Decision Making
Michael J. Seiler – Old Dominion University
Vicky L. Seiler – Johns Hopkins University
Mark A. Lane – Old Dominion University

Money Illusion and Nominal Inertia in Experimental Asset Markets
Charles N. Noussair – Tilburg University
Gregers Richter – Swarovski Corporation
Jean-Robert Tyran – University of Vienna and University of Copenhagen

Can Diversification be Learned?
Ann Marie HibbertWest Virginia University
Edward R. Lawrence – Florida International University
Arun J. PrakashFlorida International University

Automated Finance: The Assumptions and Behavioral Aspects of Algorithmic Trading
Andrew Kumiega – Illinois Institute of Technology-Stuart School of Business
Benjamin Edward Van Vliet – Illinois Institute of Technology-Stuart School of Business

Psychological and Social Forces Behind Aggregate Financial Market Behavior
Thomas FenzlUniversity of Klagenfurt
Linda PelzmannUniversity of Klagenfurt

Behavioral Aspects of Covered Call Writing: An Empirical Investigation
Arvid O. I. Hoffmann – Maastricht University
E. Tobias S. Fischer – Maastricht University


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